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هــــوانا اوروبـــي مـش هـنــــدي ...

☆ لحقك حالك مع عرض مطعم سارة فـــرع الجبــيهة ... ☆ هــــوانا اوروبـــي مـش هـنــــدي ... ☆ ★ ☆ العــــــــرض : ☆ ★ ☆ وجبه من 4-5 اشخاص 1- سيـــفود فوتوتــــشيني . 2- كالـــماري محشـــي . 3- روزوتو سيـــفود . 4- Fish and chips . 5- Fish steak with demi glace sauce . ★ الســـعر :- ★ ( 35 ديـــنار شامل الضــريبة ) ** هذا العرض ساري من الســـبت الـى الاربـعـــاء من الســــاعة ( 2 - 9 ) ** ☆ ★ ☆ للطـــلب والإستفـــسار : ☆ ★ ☆ 065359000، 0790250850 ‫#‏الاردن‬ ‫#‏عمان‬ ‫#‏سارة‬ ‫#‏سمك‬ ‫#‏مطعم‬ ‫#‏مطعم_سمك‬ ‫#‏اسماك_طازجة‬ ‫#‏سارة_للأسماك‬ ‪#‎sara‬ ‪#‎seafood‬ ‪#‎fresh_seafood‬ ‪#‎fresh‬ ‪#‎restaurant‬ ‪#‎restaurant_seafood‬

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Sara SeaFood

we started as little fresh fish shop in downtown Amman 1990 ,the founder (Moh'd Nazeer) Abu Ghazaleh ,rented that small 4m*4m shop and shipped fresh fish from Saudi Arabia and Yemen …started deep frying and broiling fish and started a new craft in this little town .

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Sara SeaFood

مطعم سارة للاسماك





fillet salad with pesto sauce

Anchovy salad

ristto seafood

crab salad

smoked Salomon roll with cream

sea food salad

octopus salad

stuffed squid tubes

salomon fettuccini


Sara tajin

sea food soup

shrimp soup with vegetables

vegetables with corn soup (healthy )

lentil soup (served in winter)

shark fins soup (seasonal)

oyster with cheese(4 pieces )

baked potatoes with garlic and herbs.

mixed hot appetizers

fried kubba (6 pieces)

vegetable spring rolls ( 6 pieces)

seafood spring rolls ( 6 pieces)

cheese borak ( 6 pieces)

indian sambosek ( 6 pieces)

mixed dish of appetizers (medium dish)

mixed dish of appetizers (large )

caviar (100g)

Arugula salad

Cabbage with fruit salad

Greek salad



yalangi (grapes leaves with olive oil )



Turkish salad(spicy )

baba ghanouj


spicy Tajin

Arabic salad

mixed pickles

Alsayyad dish (sayadiah rice with fillet fish and shrimp)

Deep seas plate (grouper fillet with shrimps

grilled with vegetables and sauce)

fresh salmon steak with muscles and shrimps.

sayadiah rice with fried fillet dish.

salmon steak with sauce

mix sea food dish (grilled



Fresh Grouper fillet with shrimps dish

sea fruit dish (shrimps

fried calamari)

sayyadia rice with Sautéed vegetables

white rice with sautéed vegetables

Black Sea bream

Big Black Sea bream

Red Sea Bream (silver snapper)

Emperor Fish

Grove Grouper

Royel sand grouper

Red mullet

Sand grouper fillet

Nile perch

Shrimps(Prwans) Piece 20-30 kg

Shrimps(Prwans) Piece 16-20 kg

Shrimps (Prwans U 15)

Shrimps(Prwans) Piece U10 kg


Big Red mullet

Rosy Job Fish

Thread Fin Bream


Barott Fish

Red Snapper

lizard fish

White pomfort

Atlantic lobster (live)

Fresh Salmon steak

Flat head fish

salmon caviar 100g

lumpfish caviar 100g

Greek Smoked herring

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Healthy Menu

Kids Menu

Non Smoking Area


Outdoor Terrace

Take Away Menu

W I/ F I

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